Antiques store Copenhagen, Saga antik

Here is how to buy an object from Saga antik

  • When you have set your eyes on an object be it antique or modern, please contact us personally.  On the contact page you will find our e-mail, phone numbers etc.Please use item number as referral and tell us about the object.
  • We can even reserve the object for your personal inspection, or we can of course send you more photos, elaborate descriptions.
  • You can currently pay us by banktransfer only, and we will send you these details, when when we have agreed the details.
  • The price of the object is most often quoted on the homepage in Danish currency (DKK) and you will have to add hereto the price of the shipping. If you want to pick up the object we can arrange this to.
  • All items sent by post and purchased with a banktransfer can, according to Danish law, be refunded up to 14 days after you received the object. If you for some reason want to return an object, you have to advice us in writing within the time limit. If you do so please await our response before you resend the object. We have different options depending on the character of the problem. Needless to say, but of course we will in such a situation do all we can to solve the case to both parties full satisfaction.
We look forward for your sincere enquiry and a positive dialogue.
Yours sincerely
Michael Björkqvist, Saga antik
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