Ceramics - For sale

We buy and sell Danish and Scandinavian ceramic works:
Salto, Saxbo, Arne Bang, Nils Thorsson,
Patrick Nordstrøm, Steen Lykke Madsen,
Berndt Friberg, Stig Lindberg etc.


Stoneware vase in sung glaze, with dragon handles

Royal Copenhagen (20125), factory first

Artist: Bode Willumsen

H: 20 cm

Perfect condition

No: 0027

Price: 3500 DKK

Michael Andersen Bornholm

Ashtray in stoneware

Produced by: Michael Andersen, Bornholm

Reddish/brown splashed glaze

Perfect condition

Side length: 22 cm

No: 17652 (23)

Price: 750 DKK

Carl Halier stoneware

Stoneware bowl in sung glase

Royal Copenhagen, factory first

Unique, No. 13

Artist: Carl Halier

H: 6.5 cm  D: 36 cm

Perfect condition

Sold, with thanks to Japan!

Edith Sonne stoneware

Stoneware bowl in splashed purplish glaze

Bing & Grøndal, probably unique, factry first

Artist: Edith Sonne

H: 4.7 cm  D: 21.5 cm

Perfect condition

No: 1494

Price: 1800 DKK

Stoneware bowl, sung glaze

Royal Copenhagen, factory first

Artist: Jais Nielsen

H: 7 cm W: 13 cm

Perfect condition

No: L0535

Price: 1100 DKK

Marselis thorsson

Marselis bowl

Alumina (2643)

Artist: Nils Thorsson

Good condition, some crackles especially inside

H: 8 cm, W: 15.5 cm

No: L0675

Price: 550 DKK

Conny Walther

Glazed ceramic bowl

Own workshop, signed

Artist: Conny Walther

H: 7.5 cm

No: 1494

Price: 750 DKK

“Victoria” from the series sekelskiftet

Glazed ceramic

Made at Gustavsberg

Artist: Lisa Larson

H: 20 cm

No: L0746

Price: 800 DKK

Knud Kyhn elephant

Elephant sung glaze


Artist: Knud Kyhn

Made by Royal Copenhagen, factory first

H: 19.5 cm

No.: 17658

Price: 2500 DKK

Bodil Manz

Octagonal charger with geometric patterns

Artist: Bodil Manz,

Signed: Bodil Manz

H & W: 26.5 cm

No.: L0604

Price: 1750 DKK

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